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Do you want to improve your Musicianship? Join me.

Marco R.

Unterrichtsbeschreibung von Marco
I have got more than 15 years of experience in live performance, composition, arranging, sound designing, audio engineering and teaching about Jazz, Fusion, Latin, Funk, Pop and World Music, using both acoustic and electronic instruments plus all kind of gear.

Moreover, I will guide through the dark sides of the Improvisation.

I can help develop the personality through the music and I can teach how to become the teacher of oneself.

My goal is to share knowledge, experience, commitment and love for music by reaching out to as many people as I can.
Interview von Marco mit Lessondo
Brauche ich ein eigenes Instrument?
No, although a laptop may be needed sometimes with a DAW installed within.
Wie läuft eine typische Unterrichtseinheit bei dir ab?
Theoretical Knowledge and Practical Exercises. Improvisation, Ear Training and Rhythm are extra specific subjects that may be addressed.
Ist es ein Problem, dass ich unrhythmisch bin?
Not really.
Ist es ein Problem, dass ich keine musikalischen Vorkenntnisse besitze?
Actually yes.
Ab welchem Alter gibst du Unterricht?
It really depends more on the level of knowledge, not age. Usually from 18 upwards.
Bin ich zu alt um ein Instrument zu lernen?
Not really. It depends more on the level of interest, commitment and concentration, not age.
Seit wann machst du Musik?
I have been playing since i was 5 years-old.
Wodurch unterscheidet sich dein Unterricht?
High demand and guaranteed results. Critical thinking and deep awareness.
Lebenslauf von Marco
Piano, Keyboards and Synths Player ⠂ Composer and Arranger ⠂ Producer ⠂ Sound Designer ⠂ Recording, Mixing and Mastering Engineer ⠂ Educator and Music Teacher
Über mich
8/01/2020 – on: Cinema Sound Education – Re-Recordist and Surround Mixer Certification CinemaSound Online Course. 2/10/2017 – on: Music Education Master of Arts – Jazz (Music School Principal Qualification) Kunstuniversität, Graz (Austria) 27/08/2019 – 20/12/2019: Music Business Certification - Vanderbilt University, Nashville (Tennessee) Coursera Online Course 2/11/2019 – 3/11/2019: Big Band Mixing Certification Udemy Online Course 1/11/2019 – 2/11/2019: Video Game Music Certification - The Complete Composer's Guide Udemy Online Course 31/10/2019 – 1/11/2019: Scoring for Media Certification - Film, TV & Video Game Music Composition + Production Udemy Online Course 25/08/2019 – 26/08/2019: Audinate - Dante Certification Level 1, 2 and 3 - AV-over-IP networking solution. Online Training and Examination 15/08/2018 – 30/04/2019: Sound Engineering - Recording, Mixing, Mastering and Steinberg Cubase Certification with an AES member sound engineer and a certified Steinberg tutor/trainer Roxy Studio - Steinberg Center and Warner Official Supplier, Palermo (Italy) 5/10/2015 – 29/10/2017: Music Education Bachelor of Arts – Jazz (Teacher Qualification) Kunstuniversität, Graz (Austria) 7/10/2013 – 26/10/2015: Master of Arts - Jazz Piano Kunstuniversität Graz (Austria) – “Mediterranea Suite”: Development of a melodic, harmonic and rhythmic process. 2/10/2009 – 23/6/2013: Bachelor of Arts - Jazz Piano Kunstuniversität, Graz (Austria) 3/10/2005 – 23/06/2008: “The Brass Group” School Jazz Piano 6/10/2003 – 30/6/2009: Conservatory of Palermo, IT Classical/Jazz
From 03/11/2019 on: Online Music Teacher at Udemy 1/06/2019: DJ Lindo y Marco - El Fantasma / Single Release From 30/04/2019 on: Recording, Mixing and Mastering Engineer From 23/2/2018 on: Online Music Teacher at MusicU Live - Toronto, Ontario (CDN) From 28/9/2009 on: Musician: Graz (Austria) – Piano & Keyboards Player - Composer - Arranger - Sound Designer - Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Educator. 2017: Performer with the Hangway Big Band, which hosted the young talent Louis Dowdeswell as Lead Trumpet, one of the most requested trumpet player at an international level by a lot of artists of different genres. 2014: Founder of the World-Fusion international project “Pangea Project”, with which he had the opportunity to perform in Austria and Slovenia. Part of an international group of Afro-Cuban music, called “Barrio MIxto”, with which he performed in Austria and Italy, and organized also several Latin music workshops in Graz. 2012: Performer at the club "Le Scimmie" in Milano, as part of the international Cinzia Catania Quintet during the final stages of the European Jazz Contest. 2009: Performer with the jazz orchestra of the Conservatory of Palermo at Villa Celimontana (Rome), in a tribute concert to the great pianist and composer Luca Flores. 2004: First Jazz Festival – big band piano player 14/2/2004 – 27/9/2009: Musician: Palermo (Italy)​
Preise von Marco
60 Minuten: 70€ 30 Minuten: 40€
Unterrichtsort von Marco
Brandhofgasse 20, 8010 Graz, Österreich


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Pop Jazz Funk
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