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Opera Belcanto Gesang technique und interpretation

Adam N.

Unterrichtsbeschreibung von Adam

My name is Adam Nádler.

I am profesional opera, song and sometimes also pop opera singer currently based in Vienna.

Do you already have a passion for singing or you´d like to discover it and learn how to sing and develop your voice and interpretation in the best possible way ? I am here to help you! I have been already teaching privately for a couple of years and i found out that i have the passion for teaching and helping others with the same kind of things that i have been working on or i still am.

I have been working on singing technique and interpretation from my childhood until now with different singing teachers, conductors, pianists etc.) and i also spent a lot of time working with myself on finding the best way to sing. A year and half ago I have finished my master degree studies in classical vocal and pedagogy in Bratislava University of performing Arts. After that i moved to Vienna and started studying wih prof. Irina Gavrilovici (vocal pedagoge of Finland national opera, Latvia national opera and of her Opera studio in Vienna, her student was for example famous Elina Garanca and many other great singers), who is teaching belcanto open throat, sul fiato (on the breath) vocal technique. I really like this way of singing and therefore i am happy to share it with my students in the lessons together with the knowledge and experiences from working on my voice, from singing praxis and working with different conductors, pianist etc. ( In 2021 i sung the title role of Aeneas by Purcell i Slovak National Theater and Solo Lieder concert in Slovak Philharmony, in 2019 i had concert tour in Japan, Czech republic and have sung different roles in University opera studio in Bratislava and Poland)

The lesson looks like this :

60min. lesson:

- Warming up of the voice and working on the vocal technique with different vocal excersises (circa 20-25minutes)
- Study of the repertoire (songs, arias etc.) (35-40min)

45min. lesson :

- Waming up the voice and working on the vocal techniquewith different vocal excersises (20min)
- Study of the repertoire (songs, arias etc.) 25min.

I am looking forward to work with you too!

Interview von Adam mit Lessondo
Brauche ich ein eigenes Instrument?
Wie läuft eine typische Unterrichtseinheit bei dir ab?
The first thing we will do is warming up the voice and then working on repertoire.
Ist es ein Problem, dass ich unrhythmisch bin?
No, i can teach you that.
Ist es ein Problem, dass ich keine musikalischen Vorkenntnisse besitze?
No, i am used to work also with begginers.
Ab welchem Alter gibst du Unterricht?
Any. I have been teaching students from 9 do 65 years (but if you are also older i think it wouldn´t be a problem)
Bin ich zu alt um ein Instrument zu lernen?
Seit wann machst du Musik?
From 6 years old. I have been singing with Wiener Sängerknabe as a young boy. Then i had rock band, then i was singing pop and then i finally started studying opera.
Wodurch unterscheidet sich dein Unterricht?
I am very passionate about singing, i literally think and practise almost every day myself so i see the vocal art already quite complexe. In my teaching i combine the knowledge from my vocal studies with several great teachers, from many singing and acting masterclasses and of course with my teaching experience. I am teaching old italian technique from my current vocal teacher, which is nowdays quite rare. In interpretation i am always trying to not only open the student voice but also his/her soul and emotions. I am also trying to adapt to every single student because everybody is different and need different help. I always like to have equivalent, friendly relationship with my students.
Preise von Adam
60 Minuten: 40€ 45 Minuten: 30€
Unterrichtsort von Adam
Hahngasse 23, 1090 Wien, Österreich
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