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Take a vocal lesson with a young jazz/pop musician and songwriter!

Lexy W.

Unterrichtsbeschreibung von Lexy
You wanna learn how to sing, but dont have enough motivation? Or you think that you can't have a musical career and doubt yourself? Maybe you think that music is only for some "special" people and can't imagine yourself on stage?
No matter how you see music - as a hobby or as a passion you cant live without - I'm here to help you !
My name is Lexy Weaver( 20 y.o). I will teach you how to sing jazz or pop music, how to accompany yourself, how to write leadsheets to your music, how to choose a repertoire, will explain basic theoretical stuffs and how to create your own artistic image. If you want to become better, you would need to practice a lot, but I would give your enough motivation to do exercises every day and won't get tired!
A little bit about myself - I'm a singer-songwriter from Belarus, currently studying and living in Vienna. I do Jazz Vocal at Jam Music Lab. My music career started 7 years ago and during this time I -
-released two EP albums
-participated in Eurovision Final Selections from Belarus; became a semi-finalist of The Voice of Baltia
-achieved different awards like ( Grand-Prix of "Viva La Musica", Akademia Music Awards, Global Music Awards, etc.)
-gave solo concerts in Minsk(Belarus), Lithuania, Vienna

Already interested? Please, give me a message via email and we will organize a lesson!
I teach in English/Russian !
Looking forward to do music with you!
Lebenslauf von Lexy
2013 - competition “Berliner Perle” in Berlin, Germany 2015 - semi-finalist of “The Voice of Baltic” in Riga, Latvia 2017 - a finalist of Eurovision Song Contest Selections in Belarus 2017 - first EP album “Signs” 2017 - 1st place in a category “Songwriter” of “Festival Viva La Musica”, Tenerife, Spain 2018 - a finalist of Eurovision Song Contest Selections in Belarus 2018 - winning in a category “Best EP Album” and “ Best Music Video” of Academia Music Awards (LA,USA) 2018 - bronze prize of Global Music Awards (LA, USA) 2018 - winning in a category “ Young Blood” of “Jager Music Awards”, Moscow, Russia 2019 - performing act at the opening of Vienna Restaurant Week 2019 - one of the winners of ÖKB songwriting competition + recording session with Harald Hanisch and Peter Arnesen 2019 - second EP album “City Lights” 2020 - show “City Lights” in Local, Vienna
Preise von Lexy
60 Minuten: 20€ 45 Minuten: 15€
Unterrichtsort von Lexy
Georg-Sigl-Gasse 2, 1090 Wien, Österreich
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Shirin Tourani
vor 2 Jahren
Julie Valmond
vor 2 Jahren
A young talented vocalist with very good skills in Jazz and Pop music!
Tobias Hofer
vor 2 Jahren
Very helpful, Lexy is a great singer!
Radhika Nathwani
vor einem Jahr
My 9 year old loved to learn singing with her. She has the perfect skill set to share her talent, we are very happy and can only recommend her to anyone who wants to learn from a pro !
Marlene Winter
vor 2 Monaten
Lexy is the greatest singing teacher I've ever had! Not only does she understand where you're at and helps you with the adequate exercises, but she is also very considerate, when it comes to developing and supporting you in your individual efforts and your style. Besides, she would never force a song on you that you don't like, for she knows that the joy of singing also depends on someone's taste. So glad I've found her!
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