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Learn Jazz Improvisation from a professional musician with international experience

Thomas K.

Unterrichtsbeschreibung von Thomas
I am a professional guitar and double bass player offering improvisation lessons for all instruments.
I believe everyone’s path in music is quite unique and personal, therefore I consider each student's interests and abilities in the creation of a personalised study plan that helps them reach their goals. My aim is to provide my students with the necessary skills to develop their own personal style. I can help you understand the language of improvisation in various musical contexts such as Jazz (modern and traditional), folk and pop music, Afro-cuban, Brazilian and free improvisation among others. Some of the topics I most often deal with are: rhythmic exercises, composition, ear training, chord-scale theory and harmony, sound, deep listening and much more.
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30 Minuten: 30€ 30 Minuten: 30€
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Wühlischstraße 6, 10245 Berlin, Deutschland


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