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Trompeten- und Musiktheorieunterricht.

Vasileios N.

Unterrichtsbeschreibung von Vasileios
Are you looking to:
1. Learn how to play the trumpet.
2. Advance you trumpet skills.
3. Learn what these weird symbols on the music paper mean!
4. Get into the world of Modern music theory.
5. Learn the basics of Jazz and arranging?
Then simply drop me a line.
My approach is adjusted according to your individual needs .
We will focus more on the music(unless you want to get technical!) and having fun in the process!
I'm looking forward to you message!

Interview von Vasileios mit Lessondo
Brauche ich ein eigenes Instrument?
Yes, but i can also help you find one that suits you.
Wie läuft eine typische Unterrichtseinheit bei dir ab?
It depends on the kind of lesson we are having.
Ist es ein Problem, dass ich unrhythmisch bin?
Rhythm is a skill. And as every skill, it needs practice. Only thing that is needed is the will to learn!
Ist es ein Problem, dass ich keine musikalischen Vorkenntnisse besitze?
Not at all!
Ab welchem Alter gibst du Unterricht?
From 8 years old.
Bin ich zu alt um ein Instrument zu lernen?
We are never too old to learn something new!
Seit wann machst du Musik?
I've been making music for 20 years.
Wodurch unterscheidet sich dein Unterricht?
I focus on the needs and pace of each student individually. The lessons are taking place in a relaxed atmosphere and we have music listening assignment every week,
Lebenslauf von Vasileios
I have been an active musician and composer since my early teen years. I have recorded and performed with many small or larger ensembles of every music genre. Traditional Greek music, Jazz, Classical, World music, Funk, Pop, Rock and others. I have also composed and arranged music from an acoustic Trio up to Big Band, from Jazz to Dance music.
Über mich
- learned the basics of Trumpet and music theory in my local music school. - graduated from the Ionian University of Corfu with a BA in Jazz and Trumpet. - continued my studies and graduated from the Jazz Department of Kunst Uni in Graz.
I have taught music and Trumpet in Austria and in Greece. My youngest student was 10y and my oldest 52y. I have always structured the lessons based on the needs and goal of the individual student.
Preise von Vasileios
60 Minuten: 35€ 45 Minuten: 30€
Unterrichtsort von Vasileios
Morellenfeldgasse 19, 8010 Graz, Österreich
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