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Do you want to learn guitar? Look no further.

Francesco Vittorio L.

Unterrichtsbeschreibung von Francesco Vittorio
After 200 gigs last year, I am taking a break and I´m available for guitar lessons!
Fair prices and comfortable lessons in your home.
Be ready for an intense one on one session.
All lessons will be provided in English.
As a teacher with many years of professional experience in jazz and other musical genres, I focus on your goals, helping you to reach your objectives in music.
I will teach you what you need in order to become a better player!
Interview von Francesco Vittorio mit Lessondo
Brauche ich ein eigenes Instrument?
For sure you will need a guitar. and if you didn´t purchase one yet, I will help you to choose the right model for you, accompanying you to the store.
Wie läuft eine typische Unterrichtseinheit bei dir ab?
At first we are going to do some warm up stretches and exercises to relax the hands and the forearms. Afterwards, we will look at the studiying material that I gave to you the previous lesson. I will listen attentivley, and I´ll give you feedback if there are any flaws in your playing and I´ll show the solutions on my instrument. We may be working on a tune of your choice,or on other studying materials, it depends on the level of expertise on the instrument of every student, and on the needs of every specific student.
Ist es ein Problem, dass ich unrhythmisch bin?
It´s not a problem at all. The metronome is the best friend of every musician, and over the course of the years, I´ve developed many different methods to improve rhytmic awarness, from theory to practice.
Ist es ein Problem, dass ich keine musikalischen Vorkenntnisse besitze?
Not at all. I can teach you how to play guitar from scratch, and in the process we will learn also how to read and write music, as well, depending on what you want to learn about music.
Ab welchem Alter gibst du Unterricht?
I had my first student at the age of 18, a very young kid. I teached him how to read music and play simple melodies, transcribed from his favourite cartoons.
Bin ich zu alt um ein Instrument zu lernen?
This is a common belief among many, and a false one. I´ve teached people from every possible age group without previous knowledge of the instrument or of music. They managed to develop as well, and sometimes, even faster, than my younger students! Muisc has no age limit.
Seit wann machst du Musik?
I´ve started playing guitar at the age of 6, and I have been playing ever since! I have been teaching and performing professionaly since 2009.
Wodurch unterscheidet sich dein Unterricht?
Experience. Especially live experience. And knowledge. I know many music genres and how to improvise and I´ve studied from Bach to Jazz. That means a deep knowledge of harmony, theory, different techinques, chords, ear training, ecc.
Lebenslauf von Francesco Vittorio
I´ve been playing guitar since the age of 6, and since then, my love for music has grown into a full time profession.
Über mich
I´ve studied with many teachers over the years and attended various workshops,as well as meeting and playing with musicians from many different parts of the world. I graduated at the age of 21 at the jazz music institute in Milan in Jazz guitar.
I´ve been teaching and performing for many years, in Italy, my home country, and abroad. I´ve had students from very different backgrounds, age groups annd level of proficiency on the instrument. With time, I´ve learned how to tailor my teaching material around every student: I´ve found that music is based first of all on the ability to listen and this invaluable lesson has helped me to develop an organic method for teaching music.
Preise von Francesco Vittorio
60 Minuten: 30€ 30 Minuten: 20€
Unterrichtsort von Francesco Vittorio
1110 Wien, Österreich
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